About Paul Lynch Wood Finishing Specialist

I began my training with Connelly and Nolen in Cork City in Ireland learning the skills and techniques to become a French polisher and I spent two years with them before I went to St John’s College in Cork learning more about furniture restoration and design. 

Following college, I went travelling where my skills and expertise came in handy.  I have owned businesses over the last 25 years throughout the world such as Vancouver in Canada where I restored antique furniture for different antique dealers.

I also worked for antique dealers on Melrose Place in Los Angeles, polishing and repairing all types of high-end antique furniture: tables, chairs, wardrobes, commodes, side boards, dressers and coat hangers from early Georgian furniture to Edwardian furniture and everything in between.

I then moved to France, specialising in wood finishing for boats for 2 years. After refining my skills on boats, I moved back to Ireland for 10 years where I set up my own business restoring antique furniture, as well as restoring old windows and shutters in properties such as Mount Falcon Hotel in County Mayo.  

Some of the projects I completed included many private residences, the restoration of all cornices and capitals in the Royal Marine Hotel in Dublin and antique furniture restoration at Ashford Castle.

Now based permanently in southern France, I work on some of the biggest superyachts in the world. Over the last decade, I have specialised in touch-up and repair work, polishing and varnishing. I have worked on board yachts from 12m to 130m in France, Monaco, Italy, Spain and Germany and will travel anywhere in the world if required.